Sunday, January 24, 2010

US Nationals: Ladies Looking Good

The ladies competition at US Nationals featured a dazzling array of fabulous dresses. Emily Hughes looked stunning in a black dress dripping with multicolored jewels. The long sheer sleeves on the dress were an elegant touch. I tend to favor long sleeve skating dresses over the sleeveless ones which can sometimes look like bedazzled one piece swimsuits.

Mirai Nagasu's red and black long program dress was cute but I liked her black and gold short program dress a little better. Alyssa Cisney has always had excellent taste in skating costumes. Her short program sleeveless blue dress was beautiful and proved that you don't have to wear red to skate to Spanish music. She wore a matching blue flower tucked in her bun. Cisney wasn't the only one to adorn her hair with a flowers, Sasha Cohen, Caroline Zhang and Mirai Nagasu also sported flowers.

Rachel Flatt chose a different way to embellish her hair. Her long program outfit featured gold hair jewelry that matched the gold beading on her red dress. The "strapless looking" dress was a gorgeous shade of red but looked unfinished. Maybe the skirt needed to be longer. I think it's time for a makeover too. The hairdo wasn't working for me. I hope she will consider bangs instead poofing the hair up in the front.

Wasn't it great to see Sasha Cohen back at nationals? I have always loved her style on the ice. Her dresses always look polished and sophisticated. This nationals was no exception. She may not of skated away with the gold but she definitely gets my highest points for fashion. Her short program dress was "totally Sasha". Red is her signature color, she wears it better than anyone else on the ice. The sleeveless dress with a lacy design on the bodice showed off her perfect figure without looking too suggestive. The double skirt floated softly with each jump. The long fingerless gloves added a different touch and was a good balance to the sleeveless dress. Cohen's long program dress was also beautiful. I don't recall her wearing that color of blue before but it was a perfect choice to skate to the "Moonlight Sonata". It was also a refreshing change to see a turtleneck, a rare item in skating dresses these days. The high neck gave the whole outfit a more elegant look. In a competition where so many ladies came to Spokane, Washington dressed to win, Sasha Cohen rose to the top and put her best skate forward.